Grossenhainer Textronic GmbH was founded in 2013 by Rainer Müller, Hubert Kositz, and Dr. Gerhard Laux. It has its headquarters in the former Textima Hall in Grossenhain.

And there also all started in 1998 with the completion of the "Saxon Spinning Line", which included the Großenhainer location. About private business, which were founded in the same year, the customers could be sold with spare parts for Grossenhainer machines. Soon after, textile machinery (Speed Frames) were built again. The self-made complete machines ended for economic reasons in 2008 with a license granted to an Indian textile machinery manufacturer.

The service technical support for operators of Grossenhainer Flyer is an important pillar of the company. In addition to repairs technically upgrades are available. Electronics are fast paced and so new hardware and software solutions are always integrated into the machine. This saves the customer expensive new investments and guarantee the continued operation of Grossenhainer Speed Frames all over the world.

Meanwhile, these solutions have found their use in non-textile machines, so that the business will be steadily expanded.


The company founders in Bangalore
The company founders Hubert Kositz and Dr. Gerhard Laux
at a trade show in Bangalore / India.

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